Saturday, August 6, 2011

NAEYC Code of Ethic and Ideals and what they mean to me

I-1.5—To create and maintain safe and healthy settings

that foster children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and

physical development and that respect their dignity

and their contributions.

        I feel that one the most important parts of a child’s development is their social and emotional development.  Providing children with a strong emotional foundation is the key in helping them be able to succeed at school.  Providing a safe and appropriate environment, where children are able to explore and are treated with respect and care is my goal in developing quality infant and toddler programs.

I-2.7—To share information about each child’s education

and development with families and to help them

understand and appreciate the current knowledge

base of the early childhood profession.

        Working together with families to develop goals and educational plans for the children is necessary for quality care.  Parents may lack the child development knowledge that we as professionals have, however they are the expert on their own child. They are the ones who will build the strongest connection with the child and have the largest impact on their future.  Without a cohesive plan between parent and teacher, much of the wonderful things we work on at school are lost at home.

I-2.1—To be familiar with the knowledge base related to

working effectively with families and to stay informed

through continuing education and training.

        Providing child development information to parents comes with the responsibility to make sure that information is accurate and up to date.  Professional development and growth is vital to staying current as a child educator.  Attending in-service trainings can help a professional keep their skills up to date.

I-3B.1—To assist the program in providing the highest

quality of service.

        As professional educators and childcare providers, it is our responsibility to make sure that we are providing the best possible care to all of the families we serve.  This means treating every child and family as the unique entity they are and working together to bring services to each family.


toya said...

Hi Stacie,
I believe as educators keeping in mind some of the NAEYC code of ethic in our mind as a guide, will continue to provide better early childhood programs as well as ensuring the safety of children.

Great Blog keep up the work we almost done.

Christine said...

I also believe that social and emotional development is crucial to a child's development. When my teen parents are looking for childcare I always have to remind them what to look for. It doesn't have to be fancy or new. It needs to be clean and safe with a nurtuting and knowledgeable staff who allow the children to learn and explore.

Kathryn Price said...

Two of the ideals that I chose were similar to the ones you wrote about. I feel that it is imperative that children have a safe and healthy environment to learn in. I spend so much time before the year starts planning ways to promote a nurturing, loving classroom. I also agree that communicating with families is one of the most important parts of a school year. I want to make sure that parents are aware that this is a partnership and we work together for the success of their child.

tiffany said...

I agree that some parents may lack the knowledge that we have when it comes to their children. It's not being mean by saying this but it is true..I feel that especially first time parents may not know how to handle every situation that arises and need someone to talk to and guide the. That is where we come in. Developing a working relationship with parents can help them feel more comfortable about asking questions and not being afraid if their child is struggling.

Debbie0129 said...

I love to see the different parents' reactions when they ask us questions or tell us we are the experts and I tell them THEY are the expert of their own child. That THEY are their child's first teacher. So many of them don't look at themselves in that particular way. It seems to give them more confidence when they realize it!

Kathryn Price said...

It has been nice getting to know you through your blog. Thank you for the supporting me throughout the semester. I wish you the best of luck during the rest of your master's program and future career in early childhood. I am sure with your hardwork and dedication to the profession, you will go very far!

Christine said...

I have enjoyed working with you in this class. I enjoyed reading your comments in the discussion and your blog entries. I have learned a lot from you. I am looking forward to working with you throughout the program. Good luck!

Tammie said...

I want to thank all of you for your different outlooks and how each of our talents can contribute to the field of Early Childhood Education. I have supported my colleagues by being there to give feedback, providing new ideas and demonstrating what professionalism is all about to the Early Childhood Field. I wish all of you the best in your path to success as a leader, professional or advocate

Debbie0129 said...

Stacie, I enjoyed all of your feedback and also the two quotes you posted. I am a director now but I taught preschool before.I was so grateful to all of the professionals who were involved with the chidren I taught up until they came into my classroom. I wish you well!