Friday, November 11, 2011

Relationship Reflection

I am fortunate to have a great number of positive relationships in my life.  The first I would mention is with my husband John.  We are partners in everything. In this relationship, I have a safe place to share my concerns and fears. We brainstorm and work together to meet our goals.  We are there for each other in good and bad.  He is a cornerstone in my family’s structure.
The second group of people I want to mention  are my two beautiful Granddaughters.  Being involved in the daily aspects of their lives has been an amazing journey.  It is a tremendous pleasure to help them grow and to spend time with these two wonderful girls.  They fill me up with love and happiness and I know I do the same for them.  Watching my daughter raise her own daughters is an awesome experience.
I have recently had to learn to deal with long-distance relationships with my two sons. Both of whom live over an hour away in opposite directions.  They still call for advice, although not as often anymore as they have both are in relationships with significant others.  Maintaining these close ties is now a little harder as their own family obligations begin to take hold.  I know that we have built a strong bond within our family and that we will always be close no matter how far away we are.

In my work-life, I have mentors who I trust to help me make decisions and teach me.  I enjoy mentoring new teachers and helping them build their own skills.  Many of my friends were people I have worked with.  Currently, there is a group of us that get together weekly for lunch and socialization.  Keeping relationships with friends means taking the time and effort to be there for them, just as they are there for me.  In order to remain sane in a very difficult and sometimes disheartening field, it is important to have people that understand the type of work we do and can offer support


Kathryn Price said...

I am sure it is an adjustment having both of your boys living out of state. I am also close with some of my coworkers. They are a great support system to have. I do not know what I would do if I had to work with people that I didn't enjoy being around. When you think about this assignment, it really made me realize how lucky I am to have close relationships with the people in my life.

Janille said...


I loved reading your comments on mentors in your life! These mentors are what make you such a great mentor to others! Pay it forward...

tiffany said...

Stacie it is great to be in class with you again. I love the fact that you have such a wonderful thing going for you. You remind me so much of my grandmother (not an insult but a great compliment!) You are so sweet and have so much going on you are truly an inspiratin to me.