Saturday, February 11, 2012

Militry Families Project Link

I have been studying the Zero to Three website.  This site is really amazing and  offers so much information about children and their brain and social emotional development.  I noticed there was a link to the Military Families Project so I followed it.  Wow, they offer so much more information about how families can help their infants and toddlers deal with the stress of military deployment.  When you think about it, the attachment that is forming in those first few years is vital to a baby's development for the rest of their lives. So what happens when a parent has to be out of the home for many months due to military service?  Children go through the grief process and can be under amazing stress during that time.  This site offers resources for parents and caregivers to help the child move through the process and stay resilient.  I was very i impressed with the information and now have another resource to share with parents and co-workers facing these difficult issues.


Ginny said...

I enjoyed the Zero to Three organization and their website. They usually provide helpful research based information. Military deployment can be very stressful for children of any age, but especially young children. The stress is intensified by the surrounding family stress. I hope we are beginning to see our military come home and there is peace to come so that our families can be together surrounded with love. This will be a useful tool for working with these children and families until that day comes. Availability can be a real problem for some of these families needing early childhood services. They qualify in most states, as I have a child in my room this year. However, some places are flooded with military families and they programs fill up too quickly with children who meet low-income requirements.
Thank you for sharing.

Dorna Oliver said...

This is good, Stacie. It is something that I have never given much thought to. Look at all of the families who are split up due to wars.

toya said...

I went to my first Zero To Three Conference last year, and i must say i enjoyed myself. This orgnization is really intune to the lives of many families. I never knew how much military families have it harder than other families but deployment plays a big part of the development of children.

Anonymous said...

Both of us are using the same site. Isn't it informative!