Saturday, March 10, 2012

Research Topics

Wow, research!  While I love to read research journal articles, the thought of doing research myself is overwhelmng.  The large general topic I chose to investigate is the social and emotional development of young child.  I believe that this huge part of a child's development is being pushed farther away from the classroom as we make room for more academics.  But it worries me to consider what the long term consequences will be for children who are forced to be "school-ready" by age 5 when their not yet done developing the skills necessary to be sucessful in the school environment.

By subtopic for this assignment is how teacher role-modeling and encoragment of prosocial behavior affects the child's behavior.  I feel that you get the behavior that you pay attention to.  If early education teachers are actively modeling and encouraging things like, kindness and respect for other, the children will emulate those behaviors.  For my research, I want to find out if that belief is accurate. 

I am a little nervous about this class, as it is definelty out of my comfort zone.  Someone once told me, I don't wish you pain, but I wish you growth.  So here's to growing and becoming competent in the research process!


Janille said...


I agree with your discomfort, I am embarking on a new territory myself...although, I feel better just reading your blog and responding! Thanks


tiffany said...

If I am understanding your topic correct it sounds like a monkey see monkey do type idea. I think this is going to be great to read in the end. Children truly do mimic what they see around them and teachers as well as parents need to keep that in mind when they portray some of their feelings and emotions. Good luck Stacie!

Sheryl Thompson said...


I too find the thought of research overwhelming. But we have come this far so its just to take it one step at a time.
I look forward to reading on your Research topic which I think is a great idea. In this day and age, we are forcing children to grow up that much quicker academically without giving thought to their social and emotional development. If this is not corrected, the effects will be seen in the future.