Thursday, June 28, 2012

Communicator that I admire.

Someone I believe is a great communicator is my previous supervisor Judy Gray.  Ms. Gray is able to speak in large groups and yet you fell like she is talking right to you.  She was able to change her communication style to fit the group.  She has presented at large state and national conferences as well parent training for groups of three and four people.  To me that is the sign of a good communicator.

I would like to model my communication skills after hers because I am very impressed with the way she is able to hold people’s attention when she speaks.  Presently when I run a parent meeting is turns out to be more like what we saw in the video, with people texting and answering their phones.  I would love to become a confident communicator.

Another area of Ms. Gray’s communication style that I would like to emulate is her ability to deal with conflict in a professional and competent manner.  I have seen her fire people and they still like her.  She was able to deal with very difficult personal and professional issues while maintain her composure and staying respectful and empathetic to the person being disciplined.

These are all skills I hope to have in my own supervision style.


Barbara2 said...

How great to have a supervisior that you can admire and learn from. Thanks for your encouragement. Yes, William is a great guy. I thank God for him everyday.

tmoruri said...

Ms. Gray sounds like one of my old supervisors, Pam. When I got in management I held onto a lot of the things that I saw in Pam. I think that it is important to have work related experiences like that especially in our field.