Saturday, July 21, 2012

my communicaation style and perceptions

I was very interested in the communication surveys this week; It was interesting to see where I rated on the scales. What surprised me most was that the people I had complete the surveys saw me very much as I saw myself.

In Verbal aggressiveness I was consistently ranked in the moderate category.  I think that is accurate.  I will defend a point I am trying to make, but I try to be respectful of others and when the  conflict reaches a point of impact, I try to find a way to end it with both parties feeling ok about it.

In Communication Anxiety I was ranked in the mild category, Again I think this is accurate, I do not go out of my way to seek public speaking opportunities, but I will speak to large or small groups as required.

Something that did surprise me was that I was ranked in the people-oriented group, even by myself.  In reading the descriptions of the groups, I thought I would fall in the content or action group, as I am a very direct and to the point person. Or so I thought. 

It was interesting to find that my perceptions of myself were very similar. 



Rebekah said...

I am people-oriented also, but I expected that :). I was also moderate in the verbal aggressive scale that really surprised me. I guess you and I are similar in our communication styles :).

Julie Rand said...

Hi Stacie,

I, too, had a people-oriented listening style which is what myself and my 2 other people rated me at. I agreed with all of my scores. I think it really reflected accurately about myself. I also found it interesting that my reflections were very accurate with how other percieved me. Thank you for sharing your results. I found these tests to be fun and an interesting way to reflect upon ourselves.

tmoruri said...


I was also surprised that I placed in the people-oriented group for the listening styles test as I thought group 2 suited me more. As I read the results, though, I realize I may truly be a combination of both. For the most part I am seeing a trend in which the majority of our group rated as being people-oriented. I was wondering if it was a characteristic of being in our field.

Ginny said...

I was surprised to see that others saw me as a I was also in Group 1 and People oriented and I can very much see how I am in that group. The two others I had evaluate me found the same to be true. I was low on the communication scale by my evaluators and mild when I scored myself. I do feel uneasy in some communication situations but I think it is good that I scored feeling comfortable among the other two. These were very interesting and tests. They opened my eyes a little more to the way I communicate or think that I do and the way others think I do.
Sorry I'm a little late responding as things in life do not always go as planned.
Thank you for sharing you results. I think we have all learned more about ourselves than we would have without this class.