Saturday, April 13, 2013


Association of international Educators is a nonprofit organization that focuses in all areas on international education.  NAFSA studies trends and impacts in education on an international level.  They look at how other countries are educating their students and what percent of those students end up coming to the United States.  There are some interesting job categories listed on the website, however you had to pay to post your resume and see the specifics of the jobs.

International Early Childhood Education Foundation (ICF)
ICF has an international early education service that began in India in 2007, to combat some of the dramatic changes that were happening in early childhood education at that time. Changes included updating national standards, developing a national licensing and accreditation system, a child care and resource system as well as professional development system


United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization Is an organization that was developed in 1945 to work towards lasting peace through moral and humane solidarity.  Currently they have positions available for teachers in many countries including China and Russia.  A job that specifically interested me was working in Africa in the field of AIDS education.  There were also positions working in the field of gender equality as well.  The average age for a worker in this organization is under 32.  I am a little too old to be starting a new career in world education but it is a very interesting project.



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