Friday, January 6, 2012

Making Professional Contacts

This week's blog assignment seemed a little overwhelming. I'm not sure if it was because of the time off from the holidays that I got out of "school mode" or what.  So, after a read it a few times, I set off to find some new professional pen pals from around the world.  I sent emails to a few of the people listed in the resources and got some invalid email address returns. I lucked out though when a professor from Sweden answered my requests and said she would be happy to converse with me about early childhood issues.  I'm so excited, I think this exchange is really going to add to my understanding of global childhood issues.  I am still hoping to hear back from some of the others I sent request too. I may need to pick a few more names tomorrow just in case.

The second part of the assignment was to read and review early childhood organization websites. I looked at quite a few and subscribed to a couple of news letters, I am kinda of an information junkie and already subscribe to many professional ECE blogs and discussion forms.  I chose to focus on the Zero to Three Website, as this is the age of child that I primarily work with.  I love their site because it has great interactive presentations on brain development.

I hope everyone had a great break and that your all moving seamlessly back into "School Mode".  Hopefully after this weekend, I too will be back on task~  ;)


n harris said...

Thank you Stacie for the helpful tips...I will use your advice and Google some names of professionals and hopefully they will respond. You are not the only one who found this assignment to be a little overwhelming....not because of the task but because of my inability to reach people.

Thank you for your help!!


tiffany said...

Hey lady excited to see you in my class again! This assignment is indeed overwhelming but exciteing at the same time. I hope to hear back from another person. I just got an email yesterday of one cantact! its exciting! Good luck

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacie, getting back into school mode seems to be the story of my life! Full time job and single mother PLUS school! yikes! I too have yet to hear back from anyone :(

s365 said...

nice topic thank you and thumb up !

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