Saturday, January 14, 2012

Professional Web Site

I chose to learn more about the Zero to Three website .
This site is design to provide information on issues facing infants and their families.
The section I read this week, had to do with Public Policy and how to advocate for positive changes for infants and families.
The site offers tool kits for people to down load that gives the updates of laws and Public policy that affects young children. I joined their public policy alert site, this should sent me emails when there is an opportunity to let officials know how I feel about new laws.

I have always looked to the Zero to Three website for brain development information but I was surprised to find out home much of there site is dedicated to the support of Federal and State policies.

The issue I studied on the site talked about the effect of toxic stress on children.  We have touched on these issues in some of the classes we have taken recently.  When we do not provide resources for parents who are suffering with stress, financial, health, job loss etc, that increases the  stress we place on the children in their homes.  Chronic stress in a child's life will have long lasting effects on their social-emotional development as well as how they learn to react to stress.  There is a growing number of families in this country who are homeless.  The children in these families are at an extremely high risk for Chronic and toxic stress.  Working to positively change public policy to increase resources for these families is one one way to help children live happier healthier lives.


n harris said...

Thanks for pointing that error out to me...I love my classmates lol! And yes I hate self correcting text/ has a mind of its own.


n harris said...

Thanks for pointing that error out to me...I love my classmates lol! And yes I hate self correcting text/ has a mind of its own.


Christine said...

I love Zero to Three. I found it in the foundations course and have been using the content in my Child Development class. I think the interactive baby brain is the best! I have been recieving their newsletter for several months now. It always has great information.

BrigetteStehm said...

Stacie this is a great website. I used it for one of my other courses and found some great and useful information. Hope you find it as useful as I did.

tiffany said...

I agree about the levels of stress on families and how it affects the family and children as a whole. The fact that there is help out there and actual legislation that can assist programs who assist in these types of situation is great! I looked at the site you chose and it seems to me that I too may have to get in on the laws update in order to better myself professionaly.

Ginny said...

Zero to Three is an excellent source and they do follow many health issues in early childhood. People are stressed now more than ever and I am afraid we are going to see the worst things in the years to come. With our economic state it just doesn't seem to be getting any better. As you mention there are so many homeless families today and these are families that just a few years ago were thriving and helping others. I look forward to hearing more and I hope you get the newletter soon.

Anonymous said...

Great Site! I too have used this website as a professional resource here recently. Look forward to exchanging information with you.

s365 said...

nice topic thank you and thumb up !