Saturday, January 28, 2012

Zero to Three Website and Public Policy

What specific section(s) or information seemed particularly relevant to your current professional development?

The Zero to three website offers an interactive “Baby Brain Map”. Visitors are able to click on specific ages, including prenatal, and the site will tell you which areas of the brain are most active at that age. It also offers ideas to improve the quality of interaction in each area.

Which ideas/statements/? resources, either on the website or in an e-newsletter, did you find controversial or made you think about an issue in new ways?

The  Zero to Three organization has a Court Team, that offers help and information to professionals dealing working within the child abuse court system on how to provide the best outcome for the infant.  They offer ideas such as more parent-child contact and placement stability

What information does the website or the e-newsletter contain that adds to your understanding of how economists, neuroscientists, or politicians support the early childhood field?

 Zero to Three offers a  link to a podcast given by Dr. Ross Thompson.  Dr. Thompson discusses the importance of parents nurturing their child’s social and emotional development from birth forward. Dr. Thompson is a  psychology professor at UC Davis University.

What other new insights about issues and trends in the early childhood field did you gain from exploring the website or e-newsletter?

Zero to Three offers link to many public policies agencies and organizations.  They offer a free downloadable brochure entitled Early Experiences Matter,

“The Early Experiences Matter Policy Guide offers you a wealth of policy options and strategies to use in your efforts to affect policy change for infants, toddlers, and their families. It includes mini policy briefs, practical tools, in-depth policy papers, and more (Zero To Three, 2011).”

The information available talked about the importance of public awareness in  quality early childhood care. I enjoyed reading the brochure and will be printing some out to give to my parents in the coming months.


Zero To Three. (2011). Early Experiences Matter. Retrieved from

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tiffany said...

That is kind of cool about the brain map. I can see that being something useful for parents or even "babysitters" as well. It seems it would be beneficial for all parties to look at something like that. It would be a good informational system especially for new parents to see where their child should be at.